The Piczle Lines Jr. series of the popular logic-puzzle hit has been designed specifically to be suitable for younger players but is fun for all ages!


Piczle Lines Jr. Blue

   No adverts!

No in-app purchases!

   No log-in or sign up required!

No internet connection required!*

   Inoffensive puzzle solutions!

"Child-proof" options menu!

* After initial download and installation of the games no internet connection is required to play.

Piczle Lines Jr. Red

Each Piczle Lines Jr. game contains 100 unique puzzles of varying sizes. Clearing all puzzles reveals a unique artwork featuring Score-chan and Gig.


A simplified interface means you can safely leave Piczle Lines Jr. in the hands of your child so they can exercise their brain by themselves!

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Piczle Lines Jr. Green

How to play

Find pairs of dots of the same colour, with the same number in them and draw a line from one to the other. The number in the dots show the number of grid tiles the line should cover. In this case these two dots of 5 have to be connected by a line that covers 5 grid tiles.

To draw, simply drag from one dot to the other!

You can delete a line by drawing it backwards, or simply double-tap anywhere along the line to remove it entirely. There is no penalty to drawing lines wrong and deleting them, so don't be afraid to experiment!

You can scroll the puzzle by dragging on any empty space in the puzzle or by tapping anywhere on the preview window on the top-right.

Once all lines are completed correctly an image is revealed and you win!

"Child-proof" options menu

Piczle Lines Jr. has been specifically designed to be child-friendly. It's simplified interface makes it very easy to control without adult supervision. For this reason we have created a "child-proof" options menu.

To access the options menu you have to HOLD down on the button for about 3 seconds.

From the options menu you can set the music or sound effects on or off, lock the zoom level and other things. Tap the ? mark to the left for a more detailed explanation of each option.

Here you can also "hide" the options button from the main screen.

If the "option button visible" option is set to "off" the main screen will not show the options button anymore. You can still access the options screen by tapping and holding down for 3 seconds in the rough area where the option button was, in the bottom-right of the screen.


Though not perfect, this "child-proof" options menu will make it far less likely someone will accidentally delete their save data or turn on music and sound effects against your wishes!

Classic logic-puzzle fun for all ages!

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