The basic idea behind Piczle Lines is to connect two dots of the same colour, with the same number to each other.


You create a line by tapping on one of the dots and dragging your finger where you want the line to run.


Once you reach the second dot they will connect and create a thick line.


As you can see, the line that is formed here covers 4 squares of the grid, the same as the number in the dots. Not only must the dots you connect to each other have the same colour and the same number, the finished line must cover the number of squares on the grid denoted by the number.


It's easier than you think!

You can't draw a line longer than the number on the dot. In this case, on the right, you cannot finish the line as you have already drawn over 3 squares, so the next square must be the other dot containing "4", but it's too far away!


You can however draw part of a line, and leave it unfinished. You can connect two half-finished lines together, as long as they form a line as long as the number on the dots.

If you make a mistake, don't worry! There is no penalty!


You can simply erase the line by either dragging it back along itself, or to double-tap quickly anywhere on the line to erase it entirely. This also works for already completed lines, if you find out you drew it incorrectly.

If a puzzle is too big to fit on your screen, you can scroll the puzzle grid by tapping and dragging anywhere on a clear space on the grid or, if you have troubles with that, by dragging with two fingers simultaneously anywhere.

The object of the game is to connect all dots in a puzzle which then creates an image, in this case a mountain.


(Dots of only 1 grid will automatically be filled in for you, so you can ignore those.)

Puzzles in Piczle Lines fall under two categories: Puzzle Mode (left) where you can pick and choose any puzzle to play and Story Mode (right) where you have to play each puzzle in order and uncover Professor Matrix's storyline.

Chapter 1 of Story Mode is free, along with a set of several puzzles. If you want more, you can get more puzzle bundles from the in-app store. Some will cost you some money, but others are free! Have a look!

General gameplay tips:


  • Start with the shorter lines first. Long lines are much easier when there is less space for them to possibly go.
  • "Hug" the walls; you want to avoid open areas and keep lines close together.
  • If a few lines have multiple solutions clear another part of the puzzle first and come back to them later.
  • If part of a long line can be drawn but part can't yet, then draw what you can and leave the line unfinished. It helps block off that area of the grid against other lines.
  • Zoom out and look at the picture. Sometimes if you know what the final solution image is going to be it can help with drawing certain lines, or show you which lines have been drawn wrong.
  • If you get stuck, leave the puzzle for a while. Play another puzzle and come back to it later. Fresh eyes may reveal an obvious solution you didn't see before.
  • Remember to have fun! If you get too frustrated with a single puzzle there are plenty more in the game to play instead! You can always take a peek at the solutions page on this website if you really can't stand it anymore.

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